Interchangeable alleles of the chromosomes are designed to show crossing over as well as inheritance terminology.  This allows instructors to use the same kit for multiple topics.  It helps students realize that the topics of meiosis and inheritance are interrelated even though they are presented at different times in the semester.  The students become familiar with the kit the first time they use it which decreases set up time the second or third time they are used.

Mitosis, Meiosis & Inheritance Chromosomes

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  • Mitosis/Meiosis/Inheritance chromosomes have 4 different pieces.  Magnetic black pieces represent the centromere.  Three different sized colored pieces fit together with each other around the black piece to form the entire chromosome.  There are 6 chromosomes that represent 3 homologous pairs.  Each piece is distinctively different to represent the main segments, interchangeable alleles and end segments of the chromosome.

    Short segments that are lettered represent dominant and recessive alleles for teaching inheritance terminology and Mendel’s laws.  There are six sets of letters (M, m, T, t, G, g, D, d, B, b, R, r) with each letter on separate pieces.  There are oriented both right side up and upside down so they can be inserted on the top or bottom side of the centromere.