Students will physically move male and female gametes with the appropriate alleles through a Punnett square.  The gametes are magnetized to show fusion of the sperm and egg.  At the same time the right side of the board has a second Punnett square where students will move mini chromosomes with the same alleles to show that these gametes are carrying actual chromosomes.  It helps the students realize that these letters represent real alleles on the chromosomes.  The kit contains pieces with alleles for autosomal recessive traits and diseases, autosomal dominant diseases, sex-linked, and blood typing. 

Patterns of Inheritance

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  • The large round pieces represent the female gametes (eggs).  The male gametes are smaller and have a tail to represent the sperm.  Both are magnetized to show fusion of the sperm and egg.  The gametes have imbedded letters to represent the alleles that they are carrying.

    The mini chromosomes have the same letters as the gametes to show the alleles are on the chromosomes located in the gametes.  The alleles on the mini chromosomes are at different locations to demonstrate the different loci of alleles.  There are five sets of gametes and chromosomes to represent five different patterns of inheritance.  Pink and blue pieces have F and f (freckles) to demonstrate a general autosomal dominant/recessive pattern.  Yellow and green pieces have C and c (Cystic Fibrosis) to demonstrate an autosomal recessive disease.  Purple and orange pieces have a P and p (Parkinson’s Disease) to demonstrate an autosomal dominant disease.  The light green and beige pieces have XH, Xh, and y (Hemophilia) to demonstrate a sex-linked recessive disease.  The red and white pieces have IA, IB, and i (blood typing) to demonstrate co-dominance and multiple allelism.