An inquiry based activity where students must figure out the nucleotides based on their characteristics.  Allows students to compare 4 nucleotides based on color size and type and number of bonds.  All pieces in the kit are wide enough to stand up.  Once students build their original DNA, they will then replicate it.

DNA Structure and Replication

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  • The pentagon (black) pieces represent deoxyribose.  The trapezoid (white) pieces represent phosphates.  The colored pieces (blue, orange, green and yellow) represent the four nitrogenous bases.  All pieces have dovetail attachments which connect to make each nucleotide and to connect the sugars and phosphates together to form the backbone of DNA.  Each colored piece has magnets which represent hydrogen bonding between complementary pairs.  Purines (orange and green) are larger than pyrimidines (blue and yellow). Guanine (green) and Cytosine (yellow) have three magnets between to represent three hydrogen bonds.  Thymine (blue) and Adenine (orange) have two magnets between them to represent two hydrogen bonds.